Right now as you read this, there exists a twisted underworld of red-eyed bendecos scouring the Earth with gnashed teeth, just looking to blitzkrieg the neighbor’s dog house in search for their next meal. And while some of the fiendish, culinary downtrodden cannot help but consume their four-legged kills with the fur still intact; the less animalistic prefer their dogs barbecued.

Just ask 39-year old Ulises Rodela, who was arrested earlier this week after he confessed to killing a few of the neighborhood dogs and barbecuing them. Someone never taught this lunatic that real hot dogs are not actually made out of dog meat.

According to police reports, Rodela was taken into custody Tuesday evening after a confrontation in regards to the whereabouts of his neighbor’s dog caused a good old fashion Juarez-style street fight. Rodela allegedly told his neighbor that he took the dogs to animal control after finding them wandering the streets. However, animal control had no records of the dogs being surrendered. Well, we suppose if spay and neutering doesn’t control the pet population, skinning and eating animals is technically an alternative; one that makes us want to vomit everywhere.

Police say that after Rodela confessed to barbecuing the dogs, he was taken to a jail in northern Mexico where officials are still trying to determine if he ate the meat himself, or sold it for personal gain. Local food stands are now being tested to determine if dog meat is being served in the area.

Suddenly our plan for hot dog dinner is sounding a lot less appetizing.