Getting hammered on Christmas Eve is an admirable way to celebrate the holidays; that is until you kill off enough brain cells to throw caution to the wind and start dangling your junk in front of an open window for all of your neighbors to see. That is not festive, dear friends; it is just a good way to get yourself put on the local police department’s naughty list.

However, that did not stop a 34-year-old Wisconsin man, who after reportedly knocking back about six cocktails, made the decision to open the curtains to the front window of his La Crosse residence and dance naked for the neighbor’s girlfriend as she walked down the sidewalk. We wonder if there was any mistletoe involved.

Luckily, when police arrived the only thing the man was holding in his hand was another holiday beverage. Yet, when officers asked him if he knew why they were there, the man poetically replied, “No, not really.”

He was given a citation for non-criminal disorderly conduct, which essential means he did not commit a crime. We've seen his dancing. It's a crime.