In a move that will delight jilted lovers everywhere, a U.K. man recently filled his wife's prized convertible with horse manure after learning that she was cheating on him. What a spectacular load of crap.

The man discovered that his wife of five years, 37-year-old Becky Jones, had joined a dating site and created a profile where she described him as "a complete idiot" and "completely crazy." Her only two real loves, she wrote, were her horses and her Peugeot convertible.

So, in a fit of spite, the man scooped up a load of feces with a tractor and dumped it on her cherished car. Even better, he captured the whole thing on video and posted it to YouTube. Some, by the way, argue this was a stunt to promote the dating site, but we sure hope it's real.

"There you go, sweetheart," he says, after completing his stinky revenge. "Happy Valentine's Day."

It's probably safe to say Becky will be getting the car in the divorce settlement.