Admit it: you want Mark Cuban's life. All Cuban has done since 1995 is become a billionaire, buy the Dallas Mavericks and establish himself as an entrepreneurial guru on ABC's 'Shark Tank.' While he's paired business knowledge with gut instincts to become one of the world's richest men, Cuban knows good fortune has played a part. He told Howard Stern so on Stern's radio show recently.

“I’m the luckiest mother-(expletive) in the world,” Cuban said. “Every single day I wake up and go, ‘If I can’t have fun, then something’s wrong.’”

"I’m pretty much the same guy I was before I had money. I just don’t put any limits on myself. If I want to do something and I think it’ll be fun, I can do it.”

Think about that for a second: every day, Mark Cuban wakes up and does whatever he wants. If Mark Cuban wants to play polo on unicorns against a team of Victoria's Secret models, he can pretty much arrange it.

It's hard to disagree that he's stayed a regular guy — one with a couple billion dollars. He dresses like he's ready for a bro-down instead of a board meeting (though he can decide to go to either). He cheers, and boos, at basketball games (of them team he owns). And, instead of crediting his own brilliance, he's able to admit that luck helped allow him to do whatever he wants. Yeah, we want his life, too.