The dawn of Max Payne 3 will no doubt put fans of the series in a nostalgic mood for his last outing, a 2003 game that's now easiest to find and play in downloadable form. But those who buy the game and try to play it on their Xbox 360 hard drive are out of luck, because the file only downloads to the 99 percent mark before petering out.

Kotaku says Microsoft seems to know about the problem and is handing out refunds for those who buy the game and can't play it. That's a bit out of character for the company and its customer service reps, who seem to be robots programmed to say "no" to just about all digital purchase refund requests.

If you feel the need to rehash Max's old adventures any time soon, you're best off either downloading them on the PS3 or hunting down an old original Xbox copy of the game, which plays on the Xbox 360.

We'd expect Rockstar Games and Microsoft will fix the Max Payne 2 download problem soon. Maybe they'll even get generous and offer the game at a discount.