Love is a crazy thing. It's probably one of the reasons Meital Dohan hates it so much. She does understand it, which could be one of the reasons for her forthcoming album 'I’m In Hate with Love.'

Dohan worked with legendary producer Che Pope, who has also worked with music superstars like Dr. Dre, Eminem and Lauryn Hill, on the tracks and the albums first release 'Yummy' has over one million views on YouTube.

Known from the Showtime hit series 'Weeds' and her role on 'Woke Up Dead', Meital is a triple threat -- a singer/songwriter, a talented artist and an accomplished actress and screenwriter.

Meital talked about everything from hate and love to running around naked like Rocky Balboa.

GuySpeed: Can you explain what "I'm in hate with love" means.

Meital Dohan: It's the name of my album. It's kind of a look into what relationships are like now. I feel like love is just so much different now because of all the extras that come along with being in love. For example, you could want to be in a relationship but you don't have time, or you're putting career first and people are really more in love with themselves than anything else.

GuySpeed: Do you think relationships will change? Is this a good or bad evolution?

Meital Dohan: I don't think it's either bad or really good. I do believe in love and I do think that relationships are somewhat preserving the idea of the tribe, keeping the idea of the family. I think its beneficial for humans to know that there is some kind of a change going on.

GuySpeed: So is your music about relationships? How would you say your music involves these relationship aspects?

Meital Dohan: I think between my music and videos try to present a women that is free, sexually liberated, and who can do what the hell she wants. A woman who is strong, and not only that, but we're flipping the script and having the men take the female role and treating guys as sex objects.  Not in a way that's treating guys as if they are less than women, but just treating them the same way that men objectified women throughout history.

GuySpeed: Did the album come out?

Meital Dohan: No. Probably in the fall.

GuySpeed: Do you think it would help if men put themselves in the female role and women put themselves in the men's role just to see how the other feels and maybe that would help?

Meital Dohan: Maybe we need to do workshops.

GuySpeed: So in your music and video, you take the typical gender roles and reverse them.

Meital Dohan: And well thats what I kind of do a lot in my art.  I think its kind of like we're going in that direction.   I'm not saying that I think that men are becoming completely feminine but I definitely think women are definitely becoming more manly. But it's important though with all of that change that there is also enhancement.

GuySpeed: You are a singer, actress, artist, comedian, author and playwright.  If you put them all in order, which one comes first?

Meital Dohan: Well right now I'm a singer, because I am really focusing on my album and my shows.  I was an actress my whole life...

GuySpeed: So lets say, if you had to classify yourself altogether.  If a person were to only give you one of those words to classify you it would be...

Meital Dohan: I would probably say that I am an artist

GuySpeed: Artist. That would encompass a lot of stuff.

Meital Dohan: Everything, yeah.

GuySpeed: So...comedian. Did you do stand-up?

Meital Dohan: Well I participated in Ugly Betty in Israel. In Weeds, I had a comedic role. I also won the Israeli Tony for a comedic role.

GuySpeed: We wanted to ask you about that. Are the Israeli Tony Awards the same as our Tony awards? Is there an Israeli version of Neil Patrick Harris that hosts?

Meital Dohan: [laughs] Kind of, but not really.

GuySpeed: We found out about you from your video "Yummy." We're a guys site and your video consisted of you running around in nothing with boxing gloves on...  so next time you do that could you let us know so we can come and watch and cheer you on Rocky-style?

Meital Dohan: Sure. The video was my idea. I think it's a secret dream that everyone has -- 'Oh I wish I could just wake up in the morning and punch people in the face and not even put my clothes on,' and on the other hand it's again a bigger picture of the role changing between the genders.  As a women you have to be so strong and go out there and fight.

GuySpeed: The video “Yummy” had something like 1.6 million views.  That’s a lot. That’s a lot of people looking at one video or playing one song. Do you ever set goals for yourself? Like, this many views, this many plays?

Meital Dohan: This many men. [laughs]

GuySpeed: That would be a very guy thing to do.

Meital Dohan: Who says women don't make goals like that, too.

GuySpeed: Do you really?

Meital Dohan: No. I'm joking.

GuySpeed: Where do you get your inspiration from?  For your music or for anything you do.

Meital Dohan: I love so many artists from so many years.Really different types of styles of music from Dinah Washington to Kanye West, Eminem, and 50 Cent.

GuySpeed: Of everything you do, you know, singing, acting,  and writing, what do you consider the most draining?

Meital Dohan: I am actually going on a vacation for the first time in two years and that’s only four days. So I think that’s the most ironic thing that I don’t have any time.  I mean, I love acting, singing... I love all parts. But writing for me is just something I do to put out some ideas and thoughts.

GuySpeed: Be honest: will you actually go on vacation?  Like shut down and not check anything?

Meital Dohan: Yes. Well, no.  I’ll still check e-mails.  No one really goes on vacation.