Considering the reaction to the off-season fire sale of their baseball talent, the Miami Marlins knew that they'd have to find innovative ways of getting fans to still-new Marlins Park in 2013. What's more innovative than scantily-clad boobies and butts? Take that, dollar dog night!

Dressed in revealing showgirl costumes, the barely-clad dancers "entertain" fans during games. The dancers are confined to The Clevelander, a sports bar inside the ballpark, but just like patrons of the bar can look out on to the field to see the game action, fans at the game can peer inside the bar to see the seat action.

Most adult male fans wouldn't have a problem with this activity, especially considering the alternative is watching the Marlins miss another cut-off man. However, since the ballpark is still a family destination, many parents are likely to protest.

Of course, they are going to have to attend a game to do so; the Marlins have had less than 15,000 people in attendance at their last two home games.