In the world of mixed martial arts, fighters are trained to endure some of the most severe beatdowns known to man. Yet, for aspiring Ultimate Fighter Ray Elbe, there was absolutely no training that could have prepared him for the pain he would suffer after fracturing his wiener during a carnal romp in the octagon of love.

While there may be some of you that remember Elbe from his appearance on the 2009 season of the UFC’s reality series ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, there will likely be more of you that remember him after watching his extremely disturbing YouTube post describing his broken pecker incident.

"I was having intercourse with my girlfriend... and ended up breaking - fracturing - my penis bone. It's actually possible guys."

Elbe says that snapping his boner like a twig caused him to experience intense bleeding, unconsciousness and an embarrassing trip to the hospital to have emergency surgery.

However, the good news is that Elbe did not encounter any permanent damage, nor will he have to live the rest of his life having sex with a peter splint made out of Popsicle sticks and duct tape. "The doctor expects a full recovery... keeping it safe doesn't mean just wearing a condom!" he said.

Indeed – although we are thinking more along the lines of a suit of armor or a very liberal coat of Thompson’s water seal to prevent unnecessary cracking.