In the spirit of the New Year, we've made a resolution to be more honest about our feelings. (Read: Our girlfriends gave us an ultimatum to be more honest about our feelings) and we're starting with you, reader. Here goes: We're fond of you, and it makes us happy to make you happy. That's why we've been studying you. *Cue creepy music.*

We dug through our data to find the most popular posts from 2012. Some of what we found was expected -- you like hot babes. Cool, us too, we have so much in common! Other things we found were...baffling, to say the least. We're not judging, you gotta do you, and we love that about you.

Regardless, here are the 10 most popular stories of 2012. Click on the headline to go to the original story.

  • 10

    Joselyn Cano's Sexiest Twitter Pics

    Twitter has taken the "self pic" to a whole new level thanks to apps like Instagram and gorgeous women like Joselyn Cano are taking full advantage of this. I

  • 9

    Signs of Video Game Addiction

    Video games make for a nice diversion after a long day at work, but like anything, they can become an addiction. Here are some ways to tell that your gaming habits have gone a bit too far.

  • 8

    The Ladies of Playboy

    Jessica Burciaga, Chloe Miranda and the rest of the ladies of Playboy kept our bunnies hoping all through the year. These were the hottest Playboy girls of 2012.

  • 7

    Ms. Samantha the Saint

    While there were 100 lovely ladies featured in our list of the most mind-numbingly hot women of 2012, adult film star Samantha Saint was the most popular with fans.

  • 6

    Greatest Movie Performance You Forgot About

    We’d guess that even the most diehard of film buffs would have trouble remembering every great movie performance so we assembled those who feature some of the top thespians of the modern era of movies.

  • 5

    Best Role-Playing Games Ever

    So snatch up a controller and one of these discs that contain a whole world for you to play. Here are the 10 best RPG games to help you escape the daily grind.

  • 4

    Adult Movie Parodies You Probably Didn't Know Existed

    Superheroes and sex make sense but the following ten porn parodies have us scratching our heads… no, not those heads.

  • 3

    Films That Suggest There Is No God

    There are precious few films that deal head-on with atheism but there’s certainly no lack of films that, we shall say, are highly suggestive that this whole religion thing might just be in our heads.

  • 2

    The Dual Booze Backpack

    One of our most popular blogs of all time, the dual booze backpack was a crowd favorite. Especially when we brought it to the company holiday party.

  • 1

    Stars Without Makeup

    Women are always beautiful to us, but it's always fun and fascinating to see them without their "face" on. Check out these popular ladies without face cake.