In what is, let's be honest, a shocking development to a story that seemed to be over long ago, the world is abuzz with the news of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office reopening the case of the mysterious death of actress Natalie Wood back in 1981. Wood was boating with her husband, actor Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken and others when she fell overboard and died. It was initially ruled an accident. We're not going to get into the specifics of the case being reopened but we are going to discuss the lovely Natalie Wood.

Looking back over pictures and video clips of the actress, it made us long for the days of the true female Hollywood icon. Long gone are the days of the gorgeous starlet. Now we've got "allegedly" drug addicted actresses doing stints at morgues, famous-for-no-reason celebutards married for fifteen minutes and actresses who make it seem like the last thing they want to be is famous after spending all their time trying to get famous. Natalie Wood reminds us of a time when women seemed beautiful on and off screen.

Now, we're sure Wood was no saint, but the entire world didn't know about every flaw, fall and skeleton in her closet. People didn't care to dig that deep. The media today has to uncover every detail until they knock every single Hollywood star from the sky. Shame.

Ok, enough serious talk. Back to the regularly scheduled cleavage and drunk people.