Unemployed? Well, that sucks. You do have options, though:

a.  Read online classifieds and post resumes.

b.  Continue your education.

Easiest. Choice. Ever.

This help wanted ad on Craigslist Philadelphia seeks a Giant Burrito Man (or Woman). It also breaks new ground in intern recruitment, human resources and, if you think about it, cosplay.

The list of qualifications needed to be a Giant Burrito Man includes "the ability to put on a giant burrito costume and the ability to run around throwing burritos at buildings, other people, etc. That's it. The company will provide the burrito costume and the burritos (because they have apparently been stockpiling them. Perhaps a massive Mexican food fight is imminent?).

Pluses are an interest in burrito marketing. But really, who doesn't have an interest in burrito marketing.

There is no monetary compensation for being a Giant Burrito Man — it's an unpaid internship — but can you possibly put a price tag on being able to tell people for the rest of your life that you were once a Giant Burrito Man?

We think not.