Porn star Taylor Stevens, known for her expansive chest, is a fan of the Los Angeles Kings. The self-described "busty bouncy blonde with a big heart" (NSFWish link) scored a sweet seat right behind the New Jersey Devils' bench during Wednesday night's Devils/Kings Stanley Cup matchup.

Stevens explains on Twitter:

OK, the whole trademarking of names things, which porn vixens apparently feel the need to do, needs to be discussed at another point but for now you are probably wondering if her evil alluring plot worked. Let's go to the video tape:

Devils' coach Peter DeBoer was definitely sneaking a peak there. It would be weird if he didn't. But he wasn't distracted enough to blow his line changes or whatever because the Devils ended up winning their first game of the Stanley Cup 3 to 1, forcing game a five.

This isn't the first time Kings' fans have tried to distract the Devil's bench with jarring visual. During game 3 of the series the crowd taunted New Jersey's bench with big head posters of Snooki and other 'Jersey Shore' reality characters.

The Devils lost that game, suggesting repulsion is a stronger emotion than arousal.