Check out the new movie releases for February 2013.

February 2013 isn't exactly when all the blockbusters get released to the multiplex, but there are several flicks coming out that demand you put your crack in stadium-style seating. It doesn't matter if you're a cinephile or if you have to sit through some onscreen drek in order to get through date night. There's plenty of options.

On Feb. 1, your little sister might ask you to take her to see 'Warm Bodies,' the anti-'Twilight' zombie romance. You might surprise yourself and end up digging it, even though you are not the target, intended audience. Zombies aren't really hot, are they?

Also in the new movie releases for February 2013, Jason Bateman, who has enjoyed quite the career resurgence in recent years and we can sort of forgive him for 'Teen Wolf 2,' since it was blasphemous in relation to the original, toplines 'Identity Thief' along with our favorite large and in charge comedienne Melissa McCarthy. The film drops on Feb. 8.

Just in time for Valentine's Day is 'Beautiful Creatures,' a supernatural love story hits theaters in February 2013. Don't yawn or roll your eyes. It's actually pretty visually pleasing. No, seriously. Take a girl on a date and you won't be that bored. Plus, it'll eventually end and you can move on to more fun activities.

But the better option here is 'A Good Day to Die Hard,' the latest in the franchise! Nakatomi Plaza, here we come! You can get supernatural in the suburbs with Keri Russell -she's still hot and a MILF- in 'Dark Skies' and The Rock does his meatheaded thing in 'Snitch.'

Below is our list of some of the new movie releases in February 2013 worth hitting up with a bucket of butter-slathered popcorn on your lap.

February 1

'Girls Against Boys'
'Warm Bodies'
'Stand Up Guys'

February 8

'Identity Thief'

February 15

'A Good Day to Die Hard'
'Beautiful Creatures'
'Escape From Planet Earth'

February 22

'Dark Skies'

What new movie release in February 2013 are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.