There are often times in this life when it becomes more necessity than instinct for a man and woman to throw caution to the wind, jump in the backseat of their car and feverishly start bumping uglies like pygmy goats in neck slobbering heat. However, when mad waves of lust override a man’s common sense to not pull the old snake in the grass routine while parked on a set of railroad tracks – all we can say is all aboard!

Earlier this week, in southern Sweden, a train was forced to a grinding halt because a car was parked entirely too close to the railroad tracks. “Often when cars are sitting near the tracks it can be copper thieves at work, or unfortunately a person who has tired of life,” said train dispatcher Mattias Hellberg.

Yet, when the engineer approached the car, he did not find any copper thieves. What he did find was a young couple doing an old school rendition of the backseat boogie. “It was two people who were very happy and having a little moment of passion,” said Hellberg. “The engineer of the train told the couple that they were not being very discrete and asked them to get moving.”

The train was only delayed momentarily and no one was injured.

In our opinion, we think someone needs to explain the whole “If this car is a rockin, don’t come a knockin” rule to the engineer. Young lust always trumps a train schedule.