Nearing the end of this weekend's Miami Dolphins/Indianapolis Colts game, the Dolphins were driving with less than six minutes to play and had a 1st and 10 at the thirty-five yard line. Before Miami could run another offensive play, an official blew the play dead to double check the spot of the ball.

Head referee Tony Corrente was clearly irritated. When another referee asked him if he knew the correct spot, he let out an emphatic "G-ddamn It!" at the other zebra.

Normally, we wouldn't have heard it except for the fact that Corrente had left his microphone on by the mistake. The curse was so audible to the home viewer that CBS play-by-play man Kevin Harlan had to apologize for Corrente's use of language.

Not big deal, but honestly, you'd think the refs would know some better curse words considering they hear them from fans, coaches and players for 60 minutes every Sunday.