Not a single Monday night goes by without wrestling fans remembering the "Monday Night Wars" and the competition World Championship Wrestling gave WWE during the late 90s.

They were both wrestling organizations but each provided vastly different products. While WWE was always more focused on wacky characters and T&A, WCW filled three hour episodes of 'Monday Nitro' with a bit more in-ring action (and a lot more NWO). WCW was far from a one-trick pony when it came to booking, as they provided much more variety in their shows during the time period.

During its downfall, the WCW had a lot go wrong, but they still had characters, angles, products and wrestling action that made fans tune in week after week.

Here are 15 things the WCW made famous that every wrestling fan misses.

  • Cruiserweight Division

  • Halloween Havoc

  • 'Mean' Gene Okerlund

  • Norman Smiley's 'Big Wiggle'

  • The WCW Hotline

  • The Four Horsemen

  • Random Celebrity Matches

  • Ralphus

  • Sting

  • War Games

  • Bobby Heenan Doing Commentary

  • The Nitro Girls

  • Goldberg's Streak

  • The Video Games

  • The Original n.W.o