The 2013 People's Choice Awards were an amazing event that we won't even pretend to give a crap about. People's Choice Awards are about as meaningful as a tweet being favorited. 

Here is the thing though -- the People's Choice Awards are voted on "by the fans" so celebs have to pretend to get all jazzed up about winning to keep their loyal fanbase from turning on them faster than Jessica Simpson on a food point system.  The winners show up, get dressed like it's the Oscars and react to the awards as if a life goal had been reached.

Hint -- they kinda don't give a crap. Want proof? Look at these photos from after the ceremony. These stars have not an inkling of what to do with the massive paperweight award. Ever see an actor win an Oscar and pretend to eat it? Ever see a singer pick up multiple Grammy awards and try to shove them in her ears? Nope. Those awards mean something in their industry. These awards just mean the world's garbage dumps are going to get a little denser.

Check out these photos of stars posing with their 2013 People's Choice Awards.