Sony's downloadable PixelJunk series is full of challenging throwbacks to old-school gaming, tacking new twists onto ancient concepts. Next up to bat is the rhythm-based, motion-control-compatible PixelJunk 4am, which will hit the PS3 May 15.

Despite having read a ton of previews and watched some trailers, we still don't know exactly what we're in for. As far as we can tell, the game looks to be something like the handheld versions of Rock Band, blended with the freestyling sensibilities of DJ Hero and trippy visuals that will remind you of the time you licked that frog back in high school.

Stay-at-home mixmasters should dig the looping, sampling and cutting, as well as the chance to share their work online with others. The game goes into an online beta May 1 and lasts just about all the way up into the game's launch. We just hope PixelJunk 4am teaches untalented would-be DJs that they've got no skills, to spare guests of parties they host the pain of being subjected to their ill-advised mixes.