The Vatican announced Thursday that his holy rollerness was to get his own Twitter account.

We weren't surprised to hear that the Pope doesn't currently utilize very much modern technology; he's our grandparent's age, and we've tried to explain "The face book" to our nanas before. She looked at us like we were from space. Old people on the internet are always hilarious though, which is why we were excited to hear that Bennie is planning on joining Twitter sometime soon. We will definitely be following.

When you're the leader of a major religion like Catholicism, with 1.1 billion devotees, life can get a little complicated. Until he gets himself an iPad mini, we'd imagine that he probably still makes to-do lists to keep himself organized. Here's what we imagine his list probably looks like, complete with some daydream doodles and Twitter handle ideas.

Maybe he'll get some guidance from above.