Will the world really end on December 21st? Unlikely, but you never know, so you might as well be prepared. And if you want to haul your stuff safely while fire rains down from the skies, oceans flood the cities, and zombies hunt you down for your brains, keep it in a ProGear Sport Elite backpack.

Built by Pelican, the guys behind the watertight, crushproof cases every roadie, photographer and adventurer trusts their gear to, the ProGear Sport Elite is designed to carry a ton, take serious punishment, and deliver everything to the other side unscathed.

Pelican Sport Elite

Besides the huge 25 liter main storage area, and roomy front pocket with a rigid plate for keeping your tablet from taking a beating, Pelican added a built-in case to store your laptop with the same watertight and crushproof protection its other cases boast. Heavy padding on the back, an adjustable chest clip and floating shoulder straps keep you comfortable and secure while outrunning the hungry undead. This thing could probably take a direct hit from a meteor and still let you check your email afterwards. That is, if there's anyone left to send you one.