Have you ever cut your privates while trying to shave them? Got your left boy caught in your zipper? Smashed your junk in the toilet seat or tripped and landed on an extremely stiff case of morning wood? If you have, you're not alone. A new study indicates that distressed genitals are more common than dental injuries.

Researchers say that every year nearly 16,000 adults reportedly seek medical attention for genital injuries that are sustained from a myriad of causes ranging from shaving, sports equipment, falling off furniture and even from getting a bit over zealous with sex toys.

Incidentally, men ages 18-28 make up the majority of these recorded injuries, with the most common injury being those sustained from bicycle mishaps. Pants zippers cause many emergency room visits as well, according to the study.

Benjamin Breyer, an assistant professor of urology at the University of California in San Francisco, says the scary thing about all this is that many people who injure their private parts don't go to the hospital for treatment. “The vast majority of these injuries described were ones where the person came to the emergency room and was able to be discharged,” said Breyer. “This probably underestimates how many of these are actually happening.”

Our advice is to protect your junk at all times. After all, your manhood might be small and slightly crooked, but it is the only one you got.