One of the worst things about having your email address linked on the internet is the random, crazy emails that pop up in our inbox. 

Spammers, irate aunts, spambots, sex websites, irate aunts and their sex websites -- it never ends. But, sometimes one of the BEST things about having an email address linked on the internet is that one random email that just makes you think WTF and laugh at the same time.

Here's a gem we received today. Copy and pasted, verbatim (that means word for word) for all to enjoy:

Hello Manager

Nice to know you from one of my friend

We make all kinds of robotic dinosaurs and other products for dinosaur park ,fossils museum , kids playground  in most European and American countries

Here you can see some of our dinosaurs photos in different countries :

Do you like to get a full price list in our next email

Best regards

Zigong Dinosaurs World Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
Headquarters in China

The link does not lead to a NSFW sex website or any kind of spam.  The message from "Sales-Lucy" takes you to a website where people can actually BUY animatronic dinosaurs or robotic animals!

Call us crazy, but we're seriously considering getting one for the reception area.  The intern in the Barney suit is getting real old.