Last month, Miley "Hannah Montana" Cyrus got engaged to 'Hunger Games' actor and Thor's real-life brother Liam Hemsworth. She's built an empire for herself over the past half decade, using her brand to merchandise products like perfume and now apparently "coon repellent."

It's easy to see why this video went viral -- you've got a cute (yet still incredibly dangerous) animal, a rabies-immune Santa Claus look-a-like living in the back woods somewhere, and a Disney cash cow. Those are the ingredients for a delicious viral video soup. We fully expect raccoon ownership to skyrocket, now. Anyone know their stock market symbol?

We're looking forward to either, one, Disney's lawsuit; two, Disney's re-branding of the perfume as coon repellent; or three, Miley's response. She could use the additional revenue stream since she's busy stiffing In-N-Out Burger and Outback Steakhouse.