Ottawa, CA restaurant owner Marisol Simoes has been convicted of two counts of defamatory libel for sending X-rated emails and creating a fake dating profile on a sex website, using the full name and photographs of a customer who posted negative reviews of her eatery on the internet.

The victim, Elayna Katz was a patron at Simoes' restaurant, Mambo, in 2009. She was unhappy with the service and the food, and attempted to complain to Simoe. After several un-returned messages, she posted a negative review online and received a slew of anonymous, agressive replies that used her full name and address.

Then things got worse.

Simoe began sending x-rated emails to the CEO and board of directors the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, where Katz works, impersonating her:

"I am open to anything -- couples, threesomes and group sex,"

"Am especially into transsexuals and transgenders (being one myself ). I am ... a tiger in the bedroom."

A few days later, the same words appeared on an online dating website, along with Katz's wedding picture. She was listed as M4M.

Simoe tried to pin the harassment on the restaurant's manager, her husband, and her business partner, but in the end the judge didn't buy it. I mean, she looks a little like a middle school internet bully, doesn't she?

Simoe's sentencing hearing is set for Nov. 8.