We've worn beer goggles more than once in our time, but a new study says the drunken phenomenon also works in reverse. In other words, the more men drink, they more likely they are to think of themselves as the next Brad Pitt.

According to a study of 4,000 people by the charity Cancer Research UK, a third of men think of themselves as more attractive when they've been drinking alcohol. But here's the kicker -- only one in eight women agrees. Ouch.

Thirty-five percent of the men studied rate themselves as more attractive after a drink or two, but only 13 percent of women feel the same way, and two in five say their partners are less attractive after drinking.

It gets worse. Almost a quarter of men believe they're better in bed after imbibing, but almost half of women say that simply isn't true. What's more, 42 percent of women say they "hate" when their significant other gets drunk.

Men also seem to think that booze makes them funnier and better on the dance floor, but women flatly disagree. All the genders seem to agree on is this -- alcohol makes them do things they later regret. One of which is probably taking part in this study.