Everything's gone retro these days… old-school muscle cars, skinny ties, classic cocktails… all back and more popular than ever. And now you can bring some retro style to your ride.

These Custom 500 series helmets from Bell are modeled to look just like the original "500" helmet that company founder, Roy Richter, crafted out of fiberglass way back in 1954. They've got the same classic rounded shape and snaps around the front perfect for a bubble visor—and to give them an even stronger old-school appeal, Bell has brought in a couple of legendary artists to add their own unique throwback touches to these brain buckets.

Skratch, a genius with a pinstripe brush, contributed three helmets for the series: "Bonneville" a flat black lid with hand painted looking text, the matte black "Pinstripe" that shows off his striping prowess, and our favorite, "Lace Green," with metal flake and chrome, looking like the helmet we imagine Ponch wore on his days off from patrolling LA's freeways.

Racer and custom bike builder, Roland Sands, brings "Freedom Machine" to the retro party, a black and bright orange design with Kung Fu style lettering that just screams 70s badass. Wearing this one lets people know without question your other ride is a customized midnight blue van with an awesome howling wolf airbrushed on the side. And we mean that as a retro compliment.

Bell Helmets