A bachelor party is supposed to be a night of debauchery with a groom enjoying the last vestiges of freedom before he voluntarily hands over his identity, independence and bank account to a woman intent on changing him.

So, it stands to reason that a bachelor party needs to be a kick-ass sendoff to the world of matrimony. Sometimes, however, things don't always go as planned. Here are some ways a bachelor party can be ruined.

  • You skip the strip club for a ‘Dance Moms’ marathon on Lifetime.

  • You pack your cooler with only the essentials -- Zima, a copy of John Tesh’s ‘Live at Red Rocks’ and a morning after pill.

  • You hire a stripper who has so much pubic hair it looks like she’s got Zach Galifianakis’ head in a leg lock.

  • Your future mother-in-law pops out of the cake.

  • Your best man reveals he had a sex change and that he used to be your ex-girlfriend.

  • Your future father-in-law pops out of the cake. With an erection.

  • There’s twerking. By other dudes.

  • One word: sharknado.

  • You catch with gonorrhea simply by looking at a stripper with stretch marks longer than the Eastern seaboard.

  • The Westboro Baptist Church thinks your fiancée looks like a man, so it shows up to protest.

  • In a moment of clarity you realize how big a mistake you’re about to make and decide that instead of marriage, you’d rather escape to something less stressful, like a timeshare in Fallujah.

  • Instead of blowing your last $5 in a casino, you blow it on a high priced hooker and her bodyguard who has an itchy punching hand