Count Liberty among the bracket busters in the 2013 NCAA tournament. No, not Liberty University, which lost to North Carolina A&T in a First Four game last Tuesday, but "Liberty's Kids," the animated cartoon about Colonial America which preempted NCAA action on Saturday morning in San Diego.

Liberty's Kids." The station switched to the game after the cartoon ended, but that wasn't fast enough for many basketball fans who expected to dive into March Madness first thing in the morning:

Yikes. The network did not know about the affiliate's plans for preemption, so the game was not offered on another local channel. Fans joined the Michigan-VCU contest with Michigan already well on its way to a 78-53 win.

On the bright side, thousands of NCAA basketball fans figured out how to use Twitter and Facebook to complain, all while watching Shaggy and Scooby help George Washington defeat the British in the Mystery Machine finding out more about Colonial America.