The Houston Chronicle 'Society' columnist was released from her duties at the newspaper for leading 'a double life' as a stripper.

That might seem like wrongful termination - what you do outside your day job should be up to you - but Sarah publicized her exploits on the blog, "Diary of an Angry Stripper". In on entry, she described her brief affair with Entourage star Jeremy Piven, claiming he sucked at oral sex.

Then came the discovery she had a blog, "Diary of an Angry Stripper" on which she posted about her hook ups with Jeremy Piven while she was an intern at US Weekly. You can read an excerpt from the post below.

Since the story caught traction, the blog has been set to private, but you can view the full post here.

The only online activity from Sarah came via a tweet from her AngryStripper account in which she wrote, "What. A. Day".

We have mixed emotions on this story. We first were pumped to find out a news reporter was also a stripper at night - adding to the fantasy of a lady in the street and a freak in the bed mentality.

But then her lame story about Jeremy Piven, in which she has emotionless sex then sort of acts sad (?) when he dumps her for a hotter girl, made us feel detached and put off. Many claim all of her efforts were intentionally driven to land a book deal. So, should we feel sympathy or empathy or nothing at all?

A lot of people are applauding her for her anti-man rants, but we have to ask what her redeemable qualities are? After all, she's a character for a book - shouldn't we be rooting for her? Or is she an antihero that learns how to love and grows out of her unlikable ways?

While you ponder those questions, here are a bunch of articles she wrote for the Houston Chronicle that, in retrospect, now have really funny titles. Oh, and we have pictures of her, too.

Get a lap dance for $20 from a girl who has zero interest in you and will most likely write witty quips about you after her shift's done.

"Tootsies runway" is code for her Hershey highway.

You spell it S-T-R-I-P-P-E-R.

We'd imagine her downstairs parts resemble doors.

Like tuna? Or tacos? Burgers? Clams? Priceless.

Cunnilingus is so 2011.

This one speaks for itself.


Go to celebrity's house or apartment. Bang him for a story. Write about it. She's like that blonde reporter in "Iron Man".

Hands on hips. Move tongue in circular motion. Try writing the alphabet with tongue to mix it up.

Strip AND write for the local paper.