The worst thing about self-photos of a hot girl is the dang cell phone taking up half the shot. Nothing takes away from her hottest than a bedazzled phone case, or worse, a massive iPad blocking half her body.

If only the ugly phone were replaced with a delicious, yet grossly un-nutritious, breakfast pastry. Finally, our prayers for women and Pop Tarts have been answered with Self Pop Tart portraits.

Gone are ugly cell phones and iPads, replaced by gorgeous strawberry, cherry and other 'soon-to-be-a-diabetic but dynamite tasting' Pop Tart flavors. The shots are the work of the magical Photoshop program, but it would be fun to think that Pop Tarts could actually take photos. We have no idea what's really inside those things anyway. It could very well be camera parts.

That would explain the way they taste.