Meet Severen Suicide. She's a 23-year-old Suicide Girl from California who works for LEGO. Yes, LEGO, meaning she probably spends all day around impressive erections. …What? We mean those elaborate structure you can make with LEGO bricks, you filthy-minded pervert.

In addition to having a killer Green Lantern tat on her upper right arm, Severen lists Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Cameron Mitchell, David Bowie, Charles Burns and Banksy as her heroes. This means she's so much more cerebral than you that — were you to talk to her — you'd have to Google everything she said.

Even more interesting are her crushes/fantasy: Tony Stark and Dr. Leonard McCoy… To that we say "Dammit, Jim: I'm a blogger, not the doctor of the Starship Enterprise."

Age: 23

Location: California

Occupation: I work for LEGO! Also a student.

Her Heroes: Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Cameron Mitchell, David Bowie, Charles Burns, Banksy.

Her Fantasy: Dr. Leonard McCoy and Tony Stark at the same time.

Gets Me Hot: Big hands, sexy lips, dirty talk, grabbing, heavy breathing.

Bands: Arcade Fire, The Faint, MGMT, Aesop Rock, Heartless Bastards

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