A list of five things to enjoy and five things to avoid for the week includes Danny Boyle's ‘Shallow Grave’ on Blu-ray, ‘Rock of Ages,' and 'Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies' Which should you check out and which should you chuck?

'Shallow Grave' Criterion Collection Blu-ray

Looking for a dark, intense, and unsettling thriller loaded with double-crosses, murder, mayhem and British accents? 'Trainspotting' director Danny Boyle's feature debut, 'Shallow Grave,' has it all. The clever and chilling 1994 flick stars Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston and Kerry Fox as flat mates consumed by paranoia and ambition. This Criterion release offers new interviews with the cast, commentary tracks from Boyle and screenwriter John Hodge, and a crisp digital transfer supervised by the movie's original DP.

'Meatballs' on Blu-ray

Our enduring love and admiration of Bill Murray demands that we add the new Blu-ray release of his starring feature debut, 'Meatballs,' to this list … even though the release doesn't offer any new extras. But, hey, it's Bill Murray chasing tail and prepping for his breakout role in 'Ghostbusters,' in high-def … for some reason.

'Superman Vs. The Elite' on DVD and Blu-ray

DC's animated direct-to-DVD flicks are arguably bolder and more faithful to the comic book source material than most of the big screen adaptations, which always makes them worth a look. This Tuesday's new Blu-ray and DVD animated movie, 'Superman Vs. The Elite' follows Supes as he battles a team of deadly, super-powered vigilantes.

'Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies'

What? Lincoln ended slavery, hunted vampires and killed zombies? The guy makes today's presidents look lazier and more inept than George Castanza. Check out the 16th president's hard-line stance against the walking dead in this new sure-to-be schlocky cash-in DVD and Blu-ray release from The Asylum.

'Falling Skies'

The Spielberg-produced offered a middling mix of fun, action-adventure sci-fi and family drama in its first season. Noah Wyle was great as the leader of a ragtag group of humans struggling to survive after an alien invasion. This season, premiering with a two-hour episode Sunday on TNT, promises more action and suspense as the humans declare war on their big bad oppressors.

'Rock of Ages'

Look, we know the new movie's soundtrack features awesome classic rawk hits from Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister, REO Speedwagon, Whitesnake and more, but remember – they're all sung and performed by people like Tom Cruise (Wearing the tightest leather pants ever painted on a man), Russel Brand (Second tightest) and a wig-wearing Alec Baldwin (Everything is tight on him). This will ruin the classic rock Pandora station for you FOREVER. Stay away from the theater!

'That's My Boy'

Adam Sandler latches on to Andy Samberg's neck like a fat, unfunny leach and tries to suck the hipster-approved comedy stardom from his veins in this crass-looking (even for Sandler) father-son comedy flick, opening Friday. For Sandler purists only, if such a rare breed still exists.

'A Little Bit of Heaven' on DVD

Remember when Hollywood tried to ruin Matthew McConaughey's career by casting him in a string of dreadful Kate Hudson romantic comedies? Well, now they're trying to do the same thing to Garcia Bernal, and this movie, coming out on DVD and Blu-ray this week, is the proof.


The original 'Dallas' was a strange mix of boozy cynicism and pro-capitalist propaganda loaded with a ridiculous but fun Texas twang and hard to resist over-the-top performances from TV vets. The TNT "continuation," premiering Wednesday, mostly ditches all that in favor of answering the question: What would the cast of 'One Tree Hill' look like wearing cowboy boots?

The 'Rock of Ages' Soundtrack

Just in case you weren’t listening before – these are terrible, de-rawk-ified versions awesome songs recorded for a movie that no one will like. Just keep spinning your AC/DC greatest hits collection, and everything will be OK.