Four men in Australia skipped out on their tab by jumping out the bar window -- 55 floors up. The men dove from a penthouse bar, descending around 800 feet, to what appeared to be to their deaths. However, they did not plummet and splat. They had parachutes hidden beneath their business suits. That's a hell of a lot of preparing to drink and ditch.

According to The Sun, the basejumpers even had a getaway car waiting for them at the Rialto Towers in Melbourne. Their escape didn't go down as smooth as a cold pilsner, as one of the culprits got tangled in a tree before being freed by one his co-conspirators.

Apparently, while in the bar, the men drank Negroni cocktails, which are pricy but not enough to make you risk your life by taking a dive to avoid paying for 'em. The stunt was pre-planned, since bar owner Shannon Bennett said that the men had cameras on their helmets. He said, "I hope they are caught — they need to pay their bill."

Police chief Keiron Walshe said, "It was not cool — it was stupid."

Sorry, Mr. Walshe. It it was cool. Cheap and rude, but still cool.

[Via The Sun]