For the past few years, the WWE has been huge into social media. Every superstar has a Twitter account, they flash hashtags on the screen during every WWE telecast and it seems as if the entire company has embraced social media. Everyone except the people running the show.

A day after WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H joined Twitter, 'The Game' mentioned that his wife Stephanie McMahon had also joined the social media website. Here is Triple H's tweet along with his wife's first response.


Triple H is either in character and calling everyone on Twitter "nerds" or he's already voicing his displeasure with the people who've probably been flooding his reply stream. His wife responds by thanking him for "another responsibility" because tweeting is laborious and involves hours of man power. No doubt she'll delegate that power, and her Twitter password, to someone in the next few days. And congrats to Steph for making her very first tweet a retweet of Triple H, essentially telling the people following her to follow her.

Sorry Steph and Triple but Vince still runs the show and everybody, EVERYBODY plays the game.