Sometimes tucking a wrinkled and crusty, old George Washington inside the cleavage of an exotic dancer can afford you more than just a budget-boner and a few moments of unfounded glory. For out there is a lottery of depravity just waiting to be cast in a debaucherous sideshow; one where there is always a chance to see a woman with three boobs or, at least, a couple of econo-class strippers fighting it out over a measly buck.

This is the sort of second-class camaraderie that took place earlier last week at a strip club in Juneau, Wisconsin. Authorities say they were dispatched to the Silk Exotic strip club on Thursday in response to reports that two strippers got into a fight because one of them allegedly took the other one’s dollar.

According to witnesses, the two dancers decided to go toe-to-toe after one of them swooped in and stole a dollar tip that a patron had given to one of the other girls onstage at the time. Of course, in a capitalistic society of flesh flashers, actions like these are sorely frowned upon – causing both women to go on a furious rampage of kitty slapping, hair pulling and name calling until some of the customers and other dancers stepped in to break up the brawl.

One of the dancers is pregnant, according to the police report, which may have something to do with why the stage was so tense that night over a dollar. All we can say is, it’s a good thing strippers don’t accept Babies R' Us coupons. Otherwise this story might have ended in murder rather than a citation for disorderly conduct.