There is someone for everyone. It’s a cliché for a reason. People with even the strangest of hobbies and interests can usually find someone else to share those hobbies and interests with them. And now, survivalists can join the club of niche dating with their own dating sites.

With all the talk of a Zombie Apocalypse, collapsing economies and major weather events caused by global warming, many people have started taking serious steps to make sure they can sustain themselves if the world as we know it should somehow come to an end. Known as Doomsday Preppers, these survivalists stockpile food and water, plan escape routes, learn self defense and build impenetrable shelters.

Once they've got all the necessities checked off,  They can find their perfect survivalist mate. A Prepper who is searching for that special someone to help them repopulate the Earth can sign up for sites like Survivalist Singles, Kwink and PrepperDating. In these communities, they can find their true match and no longer have to feel like they're "wearing a tinfoil hat when talking to someone about your need to be prepared.”

Not only can these people find perfect matches for dating, they can seek out groups for commune or polyamorous living as well. The only thing that seems strange about these sites is that a person can’t search for a mate by skill set. It makes sense that if you are great at preparing long-lasting, ready-to-eat meals, but a terrible marksman, you’d want to start looking for someone with good aim. We haven't found our Katniss yet.