One of the best iOS games of all time is finally coming to your computer.

Capybara Games has just announced that they're working on an adaptation of Superbrothers: Swords & Sworcery EP for PC and Mac. They've noted that it's going to be a faithful adaptation with only a few elements changed. Since the original relied heavily on the touch-screen and accelerometer it's been changed a bit to take input via the two buttons of a mouse... it will be sad to not be able to turn the screen sideways to start a battle, though.

Anyone who's played the game on iPhone or iPad can tell you that it's a complete sensory assault, and the kind of game that requires headphones. The game is a beautiful, unique experience that sees you walking through a world solving puzzles and fighting monsters, all the while music plays in the world around you. It's a very musical game with an amazing soundtrack so being able to blast it on surround sound from will be amazing.

Very exciting stuff! Anyone going to PAX East in Boston can check it out early, but expect the game to hit Steam shortly.