The secret to a good steak starts long before you throw a slab of beef on the grill, according to one Texas rancher. In fact, while many of us carnivorous connoisseurs prefer to marinade our steaks in pilsners and lagers to achieve a tender and flavorful piece of meat, ranch owner Gene Terry says there is no need to do that with the beef he sells because his cattle are already fed beer everyday.

Texas T Kobe ranch says that they use traditional Japanese techniques for producing Kobe-style beef that includes pouring beer into their cattle’s hay, which is said to promote better digestion and lend to an overall improvement to the meat’s flavor and texture.

This technique of mixing beer with hay is what gives Kobe-style beef a rich marbling of fat throughout the steak, which is not only considered a delicacy, but it is one of the most heart healthy pieces of beef sold in the United States. It better be for up to $100 a pound!

Terry says that his cattle would be headed to Alcoholics Anonymous if not to the slaughterhouse, as they seem to prefer the beer-soaked hay over any other. Can you blame them?