When a truly great television series ends, it’s difficult to fill the void it leaves behind. When HBO's ‘Entourage’ concluded, we had no idea what to do with our Sunday nights, until our girlfriends made us start watching 'Girls.' We won't try to front, that show is pretty good.

While the two years since 'Entourage' ended have been difficult, we have survived – barely. Luckily, our incessant praying and universe-begging for the chance to experience just one more tale of the boys from Queens Boulevard has been rewarded. 'Entourage' is back --  but this time on the silver screen.

The script is being penned by the show’s creator Doug Ellin, and is rumored to star each member of the cast.  If you’ve watched the show before, you’re well aware that there are a few certainties that ran throughout the series, and will undoubtedly make their way into the film.


  • 1

    There Will Be Sex and There Will Be Breasts

    It wouldn’t be ‘Entourage’ without at least a slight glimpse of a breast, a peek at a thong, and a couple fornication scenes. Each and every week, Doug Ellin and the writers at the show sold the story of friendship with sex – and we’re pretty excited to see it unfold in the feature too.

  • 2

    Ari Will Scream at and Offend Someone

    If there were ever an episode without Ari screaming at someone, it would surely have felt empty; we loved his rage and unprecedented anger. With the amount of shouts he seemed to emit in a thirty-minute episode, we can’t wait to see how berserk he can go in ninety.

  • 3

    Johnny Drama Will Get Denied

    Whether it be by the fairer sex or the industry he loves so dearly, it’s certain that Johnny Drama will get denied at some point throughout the film. We’ve seen (and often enjoyed) his various failures over the show’s eight seasons – from getting burned on ‘Five Towns’ to floundering in front of a certain director (played by Doug Ellin). Why should the film be any different?

  • 4

    E and Ari Will Have A Verbal Boxing Match

    One of our favorite parts about watching ‘Entourage’ was the battling verbiage tossed out by Eric and Ari. In the beginning, E was just a wee Irish "pizza boy” from Queens with the nerve to talk back to Hollywood’s golden agent. As the seasons progressed though,  he morphed into a high-powered Hollywood manager who – when battling Ari – turned into the  spitting-image of the agent he back-talked.

  • 5

    Gorgeous Women Will Abound

    If there’s one thing that 'Entourage' had plenty of, it was beautiful women in each and every scene. A few pieces of eye candy surrounded by the fame and fortune (and hardships) of Hollywood added another level of desire to an already long list of lustful behavior.

  • 6

    Drama Will Rage

    Perhaps because of the years of constant rejection, Drama always seemed to find himself in a number of tiffs during the show’s eight seasons. And with the amount of damage he was able to do in a half hour episode, just imagine what he could do in a feature-length film. That’s a whole lot of rage!

  • 7

    The Love Vs. Career Conundrum Will Arise

    The choice between love and one’s career can be difficult, especially if fame and fortune are thrown into the mix. Whether it's Ari’s battle to keep his family together while ruling Hollywood, Vince facing separation from a certain new-bride or E trying to keep his relationship with Sloan intact as he runs his management firm, the age-old problem will surely rear it's ugly head.

  • 8

    Turtle Will Need Someone's Help

    Throughout the series, Turtle always seemed to be in need of some kind of help. Whether it was financial rescue, or the need to get closer to an important person, he was always in a jam. Now a millionaire (at least he was when the series ended), will the grown man still be so needy? Yeah, probably.

  • 9

    Vince's Career Will Be At Risk

    As much as we enjoyed watching the glitz and glamour of Vince’s skyrocketing career, it was always fun to see the big fancy movie star get knocked down a few pegs every once in a while. Since a feature film must involve some sort of conflict, our guess is that Vince’s career might endure bit of a quake.

  • 10

    The Ending Message Will Be Friendship

    On the surface, ‘Entourage’ was a series about making it in Hollywood; it brightened our days with lots of sun, beach, money and women. However, the real overarching theme of the HBO series was friendship. ‘Entourage’ celebrated the ones we hold dearly, the kind of friends we know for our whole lives. It was a show that taught us that no matter what happens in life, your friends can get you through anything. We're definitely going with our best friends. D'awww.