Just because the ladies of QVC and HSN (Home Shopping Network) are fully clothed and never raunchy doesn’t mean they don’t have something seductive and completely sexy to offer us. Sure that motorized potato peeler is a cool product; you might even get some good use out of it. However, the woman holding that? Yep, that’s what we’re talking about.

It’s like when we were children in middle school feeling something ‘weird’ towards our teacher. The women of QVC and HSN are getting hotter and hotter each day. Keep an open eye next time you are stuck watching a hour of 'Purse Talk,' you may see one of these women.

Sandra Bennett

Ever since she joined QVC in 2006 as a Host Trainee, eventually moving on to hosting a program in February 2007, Sandra has been making our jaws drop and our mouths drool. She’s got the personality we all want in a partner and looks that would dazzle just about anyone, not to mention the ability to get what she wants. Be serious, do you think you want to buy the products she promotes?

Michelle Sorro

Hello, Michelle! It’s safe to say we’ll buy pretty much whatever it is you’re selling. Here’s an interesting tidbit about Michelle. If she looks familiar, she should. Michelle was a contestant on NBC’s ‘The Apprentice.’ She’s been famous for telling Donald, “I quit.” According to Michelle, “Best decision I ever made.” Lucky she did too; it eventually took her to HSN. She’s lucky and so are we!

Jacque Gonzales

Wow, Jacque’s got a sexy voice. Can we agree? Jacque joined QVC in 2003 and seemed to instantly have a knack for promotion, which isn’t too surprising considering she was once the promotions manager for Universal Records. Before that she was involved in radio since the age of 14.

Tamara Hooks

Yes, she most certainly does. Hooks, get it? It’s a great name for a professional salesperson. Anyway, Tamara adds a great level of hotness to the HSN family. She’s got a body to flaunt and knows just how to work it… even if she doesn't always realize it.

Amy Stran

Whenever Amy Stran settles in on our TV sets, we’re immediately filled with two feelings: elation and jealousy. We’re elated because we get to gawk at her hotness. We’re jealous because we know that millions of other people are doing so at the same moment. What we glean from this is that we’re needy people. Having graced our TVs on QVC since early 2009, Amy brings an interesting take to the job; actual acting. She earned a theater degree from Catawba College and has acted in soap operas such as ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life To Live.’

Carrie Smith

Beauty, pizazz and wits. We said wits. Carrie Smith brought all of those to HSN when she joined. She began her career as an emcee for various country music tours before bringing her talents in front of the camera. We couldn’t be happier that she did. She’s got a rockin’ body with a great character.

Diana Perkovic

Diana has to have the sexiest pair of legs we’ve seen in a long time! Diana’s from Toronto and first started on HSN way back in 1999. She’s still got it!

Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson might be the hottest pitch-lady of them all. Lisa’s got a real kick when it comes to selling products, which is obvious seeing how she’s been with QVC since 1995. Maybe it’s that student/teacher thing we mentioned earlier coming back to bite us because all of a sudden we’ve got the urge to go back to school.