Silk neckties? Those are for pasty office drones. A real man wants a real tie. One that can survive any punishment he can dish out—from a grueling all-day negotiation with a difficult client, to a misguided night of bourbon with the boys, to hogtying an enemy insurgent in the field. And The Man Tie from Goruck, delivers on all fronts.

Famous for their legendary, practically indestructible, rucksacks, Goruck hand makes each Man Tie in the USA from the same heavy-duty Cordura material that makes their rucksacks weatherproof, wear-proof and able to carry a load of bricks through a military obstacle course without tearing apart. You're probably not going to use your Man Tie to carry a load of bricks, but it's comforting to know you could.

Guaranteed for life, the Man Tie comes in two widths: the classic 3.5", and the trendier, narrower 2.5" width. It's available in three standard issue colors, black for night ops, sand for when you need to blend into the office landscape, and camo when you want to send a message to the guys in accounting that you need your expense account approved. Today.