We've seen the future of the venerable baseball glove and it contains absolutely no leather. Instead, the next generation of gloves could be made from nylon microfiber which retains its shape over time. Oh, and they'll probably have a price tag of between $600-$800 too. Better start saving your pennies now, baseball fans.

Carpenter Trade Company, which is based in Cooperstown, NY, is now offering nifty one-of-a-kind handmade gloves. They begin the process by taking custom hand molds to create a superior fit. Then, they use synthetic microfibers on the exterior, which creates a supple, durable glove with reduced weight.

The company also says the gloves have a "memory retention" feature and breathable linings that "wick away perspiration and moisture." Plus, they clean easily and will break in over time without comprising the strength of the materials.

Still, they are a bit costly but for those short on cash, the company also accepts trade, like video production, legal services, office work and machinery.