The last time we saw Adam Cella on 'The Ultimate Fighter 17' he was headed to the hospital after the insane knockout he suffered at the hands of Uriah Hall.

Cella leads off the new episode, walking back into the house in a hospital gown. "I feel fine," Cella tells Josh Samman. "I didn't even know I fought." Cella talks about the devastating knockout. "It was a pretty gnarly knockout. I mean, call it what it is." He seeks out Hall to congratulate him on the win. Hall is in the shower.

"Hey, you naked?" Cella asks. "I'm coming in there." They both laugh. "Apparently it was just a really good kick." Hall was happy to see Cella joking around and in good health. He admitted being very shaken up after the fight ended.

Meanwhile, Kevin Casey explains why he chose to fight Collin Hart instead of Bubba McDowell, who called Casey out in previous episodes. He says he chose Hart because he didn't want a high-level striker, hoping that the cut he received in his fight to get into the house won't take as much damage. If his cut opens again, Casey could be on the shelf and out of the competition.

McDowell is back to yapping about Casey, obviously sore that he didn't get the matchup he wanted. "I'd have been a little nicer and stayed away from his eye on purpose just to prove I'm a better fighter, but Collin's going to go out there and rip that thing open with his fingernails if he has to. He's going to make it a bloodbath."

Jon Jones instructs Hart to do just that during a training session, while showing him an elbow technique. "I would aim for the jawline or the eye. If you open him up, it's gonna change the whole fight."

Back at the house, the guys are talking about Kevin Casey's music videos and rap career. Casey did a video for the track "No Surrender" about four years ago and it had Spencer Pratt in it. Pratt was also producing a reality show about Casey trying to make it in the UFC. Casey hears the other fighters talking about him and obliges the guys with a little freestyle rap about Gilbert Smith. It's pretty...awful.

Late that night, the power suddenly goes out in the fighter house. Team Sonnen sees it as a great time to go ahead and pull a prank on the Team Jones crew. But while the timing was spot on, the prank itself was probably the lamest in TUF history. They decide to take some toilet paper and try and wrap up the Team Jones fighters in it. They didn't get very far and ran down the stairs like little schoolgirls, according to Team Sonnen's Jimmy Quinlan. "The prank was just horrible. It didn't go very well at all."

At the weigh-ins, both Casey and Hart make weight. As Casey steps off the scale he offers his hand to Hart for a shake. Hart decides instead to give Casey the finger, to show him he feels disrespected that Casey chose him for the fight. Back at the house, Casey tells Hart he's not upset about getting the finger. But he felt it was unprofessional.

Hart says he did it because they came in his room to pull the prank and interrupted his sleep. "I'm going to hurt him, and I'm going to make his whole team watch," Hart says. And with that it's on to the fight.

Casey throws a kick to start the fight and Hart catches it. He moves into a double-leg from there, scoops Casey up and slams him to the ground. Great start. Hart has Casey in side control but Casey moves into full guard. He defends well from it and gets back to his feet with just over three minutes left in the first round. He tries to work a clinch game, but Hart is the one scoring with some knees. It's an uneventful first round, but Hart does enough to win it.

Casey lands a nice combo and a solid cross to start round two. But as he tries to move Hart up against the cage, Casey starts bleeding all over him. Hart scores a takedown and Jones tells him to finish the fight. Hart remains on top of Casey for the rest of the round, and even though he doesn't do much there, he clearly wins the round again. The judges agree, 20-18 on all three cards.

"I think (Casey) expected to be the better grappler and that just wasn't the case," Jon Jones said.

"I don't know what happened, but we just never started fighting tonight," Sonnen said. "Kevin Casey never showed up to fight."

Now Team Jones has control with their first win, and Jones picks Bubba McDowell to fight Team Sonnen's Kelvin Gastelum. We'll get to see if McDowell can back up his big mouth.