Do you ever feel the need to vigorously thrust with joy while simultaneously posting to Facebook?  Well, now you can! We showed the Facebook bed, and now we found something equally disturbing -- This LikeBelt will surely bring your Facebook addiction to the next devastating level.

LikeBelt is a hardware-hacking project that uses near-field communication technology (NFC) to register Facebook likes while you walk down the street. All you need to do is approach a person or thing that you 'like' and hump in its general direction.


Now, you can't just go humping just any coffee shop or sex anonymous meetings you attend.  The LikeBelt lets you like things by thrusting your hips at NFC chips placed at the location (or on the person). Time to start hiding some chips around the town.

Check out this video to see the LikeBelt in action, and feel free to say "Schwing!" the entire time.

[Via Wired]