THQ really needs to work on its sales pitch. The publisher has gone and announced that it doesn't think its Devil's Third game, a splatterfest from Ninja Gaiden maestro Tomonobu Itagaki, will make any money. A company suit said the game doesn't "fit its profitability profile" and is going to be unloaded. We didn't pay much attention in finance class, but telling any potential buyers that its game is all but worthless and unprofitable doesn't seem like the best way to get someone to pony up some big bucks to take it off your hands.

As Joystiq notes, this play means the game very well could be canceled. If that happens, Itagaki's former homeys at Team Ninja will get the last laugh, after their former bossman no doubt took pleasure in the fact that Ninja Gaiden 3 was a flop.

Then again, maybe some publisher will see something it likes in the game, give it a spit-shine and release it on its own. Heck, if it can happen to True Crime: Hong Kong -- now known as Sleeping Dogs -- it can happen to Devil's Third.