Have you ever tried the Kelvin, the Double, the Freestyle or the Four in Hand? No, they're not sexual positions. They're ways to knot up that corporate noose that's roped around your neck.

Since you can't carry your dad around in your pocket to tell you how to get the job done, an app like Tie Knots is the next best thing. When we downloaded the full version of the app -- a free light version only tells you how to tie two knots -- were were floored by how many ways there are to origami a tie into various shapes.

The best and worst aspect about Tie Knots is its simplicity. It breaks down the tying routine into brief slide shows that are easy enough to follow. But since we can find most of this info via a quick web search, it would have been nice if the developer had gone the extra mile by explaining the origins of each style or what social or business situation it might be appropriate.

Even if it had just made knots up, like the "Grand Chester inspires confidence and is sure to get you that raise" or "The Half Windsor is for losers," it would have felt like we were getting fair value rather than just flashcards.

The app is nearly worth the buck because of its handy bow tie instructions alone. We always forget how to tie those things right after we re-learn.

Or you can forget about all of this and just stick with clip-ons.

RATING: 6/10

Tie Knots ($0.99), developed by Egerev Lab, is available on iOS platforms. For this review, we sampled each of the app's 17 knots.