Take a fun, arcade-style racing game. Add some very colorful graphics. Load it up with a ton of explosive weaponry, upgrades and multi-player functionality to keep you coming back for more and you have TNT Racers for your PlayStation Network.

We buy a lot of games through the PlayStation Network for convenience and price reasons. TNT Racers is one of the easiest 'pick up and play' games we've played in years. You start with your choice of 4 different cars, choose your color and off you go. Most will compare this to the Mario Kart series which we don't quite agree with. We find it more of an R.C. Pro Am / Rock n' Roll Racing style of game which we also love. One idea we haven't seen in other racing games like this is that if you fall behind, you're out. As in, there's no chance of you catching up so you shouldn't even bother. If being the fastest isn't your style, but you're good at causing carnage you can play based on points rather than laps. You'll get points for each lap you complete as well as points for using your weapons, getting hang time from going off jumps and more.

Racing is one thing, but you have to utilize the weapons as well, both offensive and defensive. Plenty of items to pick up on the tracks including cannons, rockets - there was even a confetti mine that was interesting, to say the least, but it helped us get 1st place. Scoring big is also how you unlock the game's many unlockable features including more cars to choose from, new tracks and more. Play against the computer or online in 4 player races/battles with players around the world.

TNT Racers is cartoony by nature, both in colors and driving mechanics so if you're hardcore when it comes to realistic racing games you'll want to pass on this one. But if you enjoy fun racing battles with friends as your car will seem to float every time you fly off a jump and over-exaggerated weapons, you'll want to check this game out.

Rated E for Everyone
Published by DTP (Digital Entertainment Pool)
Price: $9.99

Rating: 7.5/10