'Hello Kitty' gets around. No, really. The cute cartoon kitten with the devilish smile and her license holders have partnered with Kiss (yes, that Kiss), Target and Old Navy as of late. But her greatest collaboration yet takes place this Valentine's Day and halfway across the world.

On Feb. 14, Kitty will don tiny orange polyester shorts (those things look flammable to us and since they are so tight, we don't understand how all that friction hasn't caused multiple fires), white Wigwam socks and flaunt her boobs in a white tank while serving Yuengs and wings as a Hooters Girl. Meow.

The first 1000 customers to walk through the door of the Japanese Hooters will receive a limited edition 'Hello Kitty X Hooter pin', many of which will likely be hawked on eBay the next day.

We're thinking that the 'Hello Kitty' theme and pins are a marketing ploy to get the female customers in the door on what is largely a sacred couple's holiday. Hooters isn't exactly known for a large female clientele and how many of you have girlfriends that want to drink beer served by hot chicks on V-Day? You do? Do they have sisters? Fine. Younger aunts?