The weird news stories of 2012 have us thinking we're all going "to hell in a hand basket" as our grandmothers used to say -- one guy dies from having his genitals chewed off by rodents, another calls 911 looking to to 'fight a cop' and another sent naked pictures of his girlfriend's stepdaughter to all her friends to 'teach her a lesson.'

These weird news stories of 2012 will have you shaking your head and wondering what the coming year will have in store.

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Man Dies in Worst Possible Way Ever - What's worse than having your manhood nibbled on by rodents?  How about dying from blood loss due to your manhood being eaten by rodents?

Woman Farts in a Jar and Naturally Lists it on eBay - The second weirdest news story of 2012 involves farts. Sometimes you wake up in the morning, and to jump start your day, you just need to inhale a totally rank fart.  This girl will sell you her farts in a pretty little jar that you can keep by your bedside.  Innovation at its finest!

Attractive Woman Explains What It’s Like To Have Two Vaginas
- Sure, this may sound incredibly sexy-- but this girl also has two different menstrual cycles.  So you could be facing a whole lotta crazy when you sleep with this chick.

Man Calls 911 Because He Wanted to Fight a Cop - When you want that late night pizza after a long day of drinking  you usually call your favorite pizzeria and order a pie.  When you want to beat the crap out of a stranger after a long day of drinking-- the cops are the only people who will deliver this service directly to your door.

Man Texts Naked Photos of Girlfriend’s Daughter to ‘Teach Daughter a Lesson’ -  People are arguing that the dad that shot his daughter's laptop was the top weird news story of 2012, but we challenge them to question this dude's child rearing.

Marines Drink Cobra Blood in Training Exercise - What else could make Marines more awesome?  Yes, jet packs would--but how about the fact some of them drink cobra blood?  It's probably more nutritious than tiger blood. Look how bad Charlie Sheen looks and he drinks that crap daily.

Juror Gets 3 Days in Jail for Friending Defendant on Facebook - Yet another one of the tell tale signs that Facebook is destroying the world.  Or is it the idiots that use facebook? Either way, this article will teach you a valuable lesson. Don't friend request suspected criminals in hopes that you will get out of jury duty.

Man Has Heart Attack at "Heart Attack Grill" Restaurant - Finally, an establishment that actually promises what they advertise, as one of the weird news stories of 2012 was about a man having a heart attack at an aptly named restaurant.

Strip Club Sues Competitor for Calling it's Girls "Ugly" - Contrary to popular belief, the girls at Godfather Strip Club do not wear paper bags over their heads.  In case you heard otherwise...

Man Shows up Naked and High for Job Interview - In this tough economy, you have to stand out in a job interview.  This guy went a little too far.  Or did he?

Let's see what other signs of the apocalypse we can find before December 2012 rolls around.