Trevor Moore sends more drunk texts than the normal person. They are usually offensive, odd and just plain bizarre. Luckily, he only ever sends them to himself.

"I’m pretty good about sending them to me," he explained, "I don’t drunk dial other people, I just drunk dial myself."

In fact, the founding member of 'The Whitest Kids u Know' sketch comedy group has sent himself so many odd texts that he decided to release an album of songs. The title track is obviously 'Drunk Text to Myself,' where he reads back the texts over musical samplings by another comic -- the hilarious Reggie Watts.

Moore talked about his new album along with other topics such as the likeability of a certain famous actor, the Vatican and how he ruined Christmas.

  • Is Tom Hanks really an ahole?

    No, he’s a nice guy.

  • What was the inspiration behind the song?

    I was just kind of noticing how he’s like, the most beloved actor.  Everyone seems to have nothing but positive things to say about him, and then I was just kind of laughing at the idea of just slandering the man.

  • Have you heard anything from him or anyone around him?

    No, not yet. I’d love for him to do the music video, though.

  • He seems like the kind of guy who would take part in something fun like a song calling him an ahole. Except the part where you make accusations he had something to do with the killing of Heath Ledger.

    I feel like he’s got a reputation for being such a nice guy, and he supposedly has a great sense of humor, so it was something on my mind while writing the song. There’s no way he’d do the music video.

  • I really liked the ‘Pope Rap.’ Is there any word that that might be the official new theme song of the new pope?

    That would be pretty amazing.  It definitely could have been the theme song for the popes we’ve had previously.

  • Is there a bigger pomp and circumstance for something that most people just don’t give a crap about? Can you imagine if every announcement involved white smoke?

    Yeah, it’s a little much.  But how we pick our president is pretty ridiculous as well.  I actually wrote the pope song at the Vatican.  I was on vacation. I had never been there before. Just about everything is gold, and they sell official merchandise right outside the Sistine Chapel. It’s all crazy.

  • What was the oddest piece of merchandise at the Vatican?

    The merchandise itself wasn’t so bizarre.  I think little bottles of holy water were bizarre to me.  They’re basically travel bottles, like an airline would give out.  Holy water on the go.

  • Do you think the TSA would make people empty out their holy water bottles before they boarded the plane?

    No, I think it’s underneath the amount that you’re allowed to have.  I wonder if they did it on purpose. As if it was decided in a meeting. “Well, we have a lot of American tourists here, so we’re going to have to drop the amount of holy water.”

  • Could Tom Hanks be pope?

    He’d be an awesome pope actually.  If they’re trying to change the image of the Catholic church I think Tom Hanks would probably be a good pick for that.

  • You mentioned you were visiting the Vatican, and I was reading in your bio that your parents were Christian folk singers. Are they cool with you possibly going to hell?

    They do not like the stuff that I’m doing.

  • You’re kidding. Really?

    No, I’m kidding.  I went home for Christmas and they wanted to see some of the album and I showed them the Pope Rap, because that was all that was done.  It ruined Christmas.

  • The name of the album is ‘Drunk Texts to Myself.’ Were most of the texts in the songs made up?

    They’re all real.  I am a chronic texter when I’m drinking.  I use my phone basically as my refrigerator to-do list.  I’m constantly texting myself ideas or notes and reminders, and then the next day when I wake up and I look at this stuff I’m like “What is this nonsense?”  I thought it would funny to turn them into a song so I grabbed all the texts that were ridiculous and Reggie Watts came in with awesome samplings and beat boxing underneath.

  • Have you ever accidentally sent those texts to someone?

    No, I’m pretty good about sending them to me.  I don’t drunk dial other people, I just drunk dial myself.

  • If you could receive a drunk text from anyone in the world, who would you want to get a drunk text from?.

    Tom Hanks or the Pope.

  • What do you think they would say?

    Well right now they’d both probably say “You’re an a**hole.”